Service Commitment

Service Commitment

We're on it and we're there. Plasterer has four locations in Lewisberry, Lebanon, Bethlehem, and Sellersville, serving south-central and southeastern, PA. You can bring your equipment to our shops or we can come to your job site with one of our fully equipped field service trucks.

There's more to maintenance than just changing oil and filters. Extended component life and productivity are the result of our maintenance strategy. Condition Based Maintenance depends on actual machine conditions to determine when and what actions are required. Application and operating conditions are considered when servicing your machines.

We Offer:

  • Repacking & rebuilding of hydraulic cylinders
  • Air conditioning recharging
  • Hydraulic oil flushing & filter caddy service
  • Planned preventative maintenance programs
  • Hydraulic attachment installation
  • Welding
  • Undercarriage Appraisal
  • Undercarriage removal & replacement
  • Undercarriage pin & bushing
  • Fluid analysis
  • On Site Technical Training
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Pre and Post Job Quality Checklist
  • Free Estimates
  • Travel Zone Charges with discounted second (if the job spans more than one day)
  • Flexible Payment terms through Powerplan

What makes Plasterer's Service Department Better?

It is our goal to provide our customers with industry leading product support for John Deere construction equipment. In order to accomplish our goal, John Deere and Plasterer Equipment have set many service standards that will allow us to be the industry leader. Here are some of the Product Support standards we are committed to:

Technician Training

Plasterer Equipment has it's own in-house certified Training Instructor with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We require our technicians to attend John Deere University and In House Training Programs that are held in our facilities each month. Technicians are evaluated and enrolled in technician certification paths to complete the required training. Each technician must complete 3 levels of John Deere instructor lead training for each machine family in the areas of power trains, hydraulics, electrical, air conditioning, undercarriage, oil cleanliness, publications and customer relations before becoming a "Certified John Deere Technician". Some schools may be up to 40 hours in length.

Learn more about Technician Opportunities at Plasterer Equipment Company

New Equipment Model Qualifications

Service technicians are required to complete a study guide and an on-line test through John Deere University for all new models introduced by John Deere. New model qualifications must be completed within a pre-determined period of time to maintain high quality control of repairs.

Essential Service Tools

Service locations are required to have all special tooling deemed necessary by John Deere to remove, replace, rebuild, reassemble and/or reinstall all major components on all new models developed and introduced.

Integrated Communication and Laptops

All of our shops are connected to a secured wireless network with laptops at each bay. Each technician has an individual email address to receive important company information as well as relevant and urgent product support bulletins. With their individual laptops, technicians have immediate availability to John Deere Technical Assistance, Service Advisor, Parts Expert, and Plasterer's own internal website for support material that enables them to solve support issues with urgency. Our field service trucks are equipped with laptops configured identical to our shops, with the additional capability of wireless internet. Field techs have the ability to order parts from the jobsite to minimize machine down time. John Deere Service Advisor, which is an electronic tech manual and diagnostic program, allows an internet link from the machine to the dealer for diagnostic trouble shooting.

Service Cleanliness

Our shop and field service trucks are held to and exceed Deere's Service Cleanliness Standard Report Card. To mention a few: Bulk oil is periodically tested by our fluid analysis program. Waste oil and filters are disposed of properly. In house fabricated hydraulic hoses are cleaned before they are installed on machines using Ultra Clean Technology.

Emergency Service

In addition to our convenient locations and operating hours, Plasterer offers 24/7 emergency service. Call your local branch office and follow the instructions on the answering service prompts. A Plasterer Manager will return your call in 20 minutes or less.

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